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Saturday Beginner Ride April 4th

April 5, 2009

Today we rode in Hill Country Village.  It was a gorgeous day.  A few clouds to keep the sun off us, a little brisk at the start.  It was a new start time, 9AM for the beginner ride.  We’re hoping this is helpful.  We had the group of fast beginners start at 7AM, did a quick 11 miles.  Then it was back to the parking lot at 8:30 for the beginner ride.  We had a good sized group, even though we lost a bunch to the Komen Walk.

Our Super-Beginners did excellent once again.  Guy pushed them up some hills and taught them more about shifting.  Although their pace was slower, they rode for a longer time than the fast beginners.  Joy rode the dinasaur loaner bike for the last time.  She’ll get her new bike Thursday and move up to fast-beginner next week.  Sallie rode strong, as usual, sporting her beautiful Ride Like A Girl jersey.  Nancy showed up with a friend and really made some improvements.  All in all, it was a great time.

The Fast Beginners did some hill training.  This is what we do at Hill Country Village, learn to climb some hills.  Cass blew us all away on the Limestone hill, and James hit Hill #1 at 32mph. (they didn’t ticket him, either)  Beth was having deraileur problems, but still had a good ride.  And Miranda showed up looking good.  We haven’t seen her in a long time.  It was great having her join us, hopefully her schedule will allow for her to ride again soon.

We look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday evening as we ride Hill Country Village again.  Check out the start info here:

If you can’t make it Tuesday night, we’ll see all you beginners next Saturday at Brackenridge Park.


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