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Saturday Beginner Ride – April 11th

April 11, 2009

Today we rode Brackenridge Park.  We had a great turn-out & every one learned something.  We ended the ride with a robust round of “Happy Birthday To You” for Guy, the super-beginner ride leader.

The Super-Beginners did excellent.  Honorable mention goes to Retha.  Last week she struggled and only did part of the ride at Hill Country Village.  Today she showed up determined.  She finished the entire ride strong.  There were limited stops and no complaining (guy said that).  They got first hand involvement with a little downtown traffic.  Usually they ride just around the park.  Today Guy led them as far as  St. Mary’s and Brooklyn, the north side of downtown.  They also ran into one of our friends from Tuesday nights homeless feeding.  And Nancy had a chance to find out that if your tire get stuck in the rail road track(the baby train, in Brackenridge), it will be extremely hard to get it out.  Hope the knee’s feeling better, Nancy.  Next week will be a continuation of added distance and pace as they ride Mission Trails.  Hope to see everyone there!

The fast beginners had a great ride as well.  We headed downtown and everyone got to practice call signals in traffic.  With a moderate pace, we weaved into downtown and then through King Williams.  We love seeing all the beautiful homes!  From there we headed over to hemisphere park to ride by the fountains.  After that we raced up to the Alamodome and rode laps there.  It was wonderful seeing everyone again.  Hello to Jaime, a new rider.  She is training for the Triathelon in June and came to increase her biking skills.  She did really well.  We had a very fun ride, I enjoyed seeing all of you.

See everyone Tuesday night:  and next Saturday For the Mission ride:


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