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Saturday & Sunday Rides… September 26th & 27th

September 24, 2009

Hopefully you are joining us in Corpus Christi for Conquer The Coast:

If not, we have our usual Saturday Beginner Rides & Sunday Fast Beginner & Intermediate rides with location changes.

(and thanks to all of you that will be leading these rides this weekend, I apreciate this so much!!)

Saturday #4 Beginner Road Rides – Hill Country Village – note location change… 

 Please note the location change for Saturday, September 26th.  Come join us for the San Antonio’s Ride Like A Girl / Ridin’ With The Girls Beginner Ride at Hill Country Village. The start location will be in the front parking lot of the Eye Center located at 14807San Pedro 78232. It is on the corner of Winding Way and Hwy 281 (NW corner).

We’ll be riding Hill Country Village. We have 2 groups / levels.

Group 1 is the slower beginners. This will be a beginner pace, about 8 – 10 mph and we’ll go either 8-10 miles.

Group 2 is the faster beginners. Still a beginner pace, just a little faster and a little longer. About 10-12mph and we’ll go about 13-15 miles.

We will gather early, about 8AM Saturday morning. We’ll have wheels down (we start to actually ride) at 8:30AM.

This is a beginner ride, show up and have some fun. You don’t really need to know what you’re doing to start, we’ll teach you. You won’t slow anyone down, we’re all new. Feel the fear and join us anyway!!

PS: We have a fast beginner early group that will meet at 7:00AM, wheels down at 7:15AM SHARP. This group will do the route, without stopping, to get in extra miles. Then we’ll join the regular beginner ride at 8AM back at the start. This part of the ride is only recommended if you’ve ridden with us before, since we won’t have regular stops. Ask Veronica if you have questions. (Veronica 383-3660, option 4)

Sunday #4 Road Ride Location Change – Sunday FAST Beginners Ride Mission Trails

The start location this Sunday will be at Mission Trails. We’ll meet in the parking lot of the Mission San Jose, which is the main Visitor Center. Address is: 6701 San Jose Drive, 78214. From Roosevelt, come in off of Napier and it leads you straight in.

We have a group of FAST Beginners & Intermediate Level riders that want to add to their mileage in training for the BIKE MS ride.  They’ll be riding the Mission Trails.  Distance from 25 to 60 miles.  It is a 15 mile loop, you get to choose how far you go.
You have to know how to air up your tires.  You have to be able to hold a fast beginner pace (around 12mph) & complete the distance of at least 15 miles.  This is not a ride for super-beginners.

Meet:  7am          Wheels down:  7:30am

Pace information:    

Scenic Intermediate – Steady, scenic pace of 12-14 mph  –  15 or 30 or 45 or 60 miles      
Veloce Intermediate – Moderate to fast pace of 14-15 mph  –  30-60 miles
Advanced Intermediate – Fast, advanced pace of 16+mph  –  40+ miles

Route sheets will be available at the ride or attached to the email.

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