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bike MS: 2009 Alamo Ride to the River, Ride Like A Girl Style – last week info…

September 29, 2009

OK, so we are days away from the Big Ride!!!!  Hopefully you are already taking daily doses of potassium & drinking lots of water.  Try to ride both Tuesday & Wednesday.  If you do the Thursday night urban assault, make it an easy ride.  Consider doing 30 minutes of very easy riding Friday morning, it really helps.

Please post up any questions you may have below.  No question is too silly.  We will be monitoring this blog constantly until ride day.  We will be Twittering & FaceBooking last-minute information as well.

Packing list for the weekend:

Each rider is allowed 2 pieces of luggage with each weighing under 25 lbs. Use the luggage tags from your Rider Number Packet and attach to each piece. Be sure to include a personal tag as well with your name and cell phone number. Following are suggestions of items to bring for your ride when en route:

Rider Numbers & Wristband – REQUIRED – Helmet – REQUIRED – Bicycle – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Patch kit – Spare tube – Mini Air Pump – Co2 cartridges

Padded Cycling Shorts – 2 pair.  (The Holiday Inn does have washer/dryers)

Cycling Jersey – Team Jersey for Saturday – Team Jersey for Sunday

Cycling Shoes – Cycling Gloves

Eye Wear/Sunglasses – Jacket/Rain Gear

Water Bottles/Hydration Pack

Energy Bars/Gels – nuts/pickles

Sunscreen – Medication – Icy Hot patches work wonders after mile 45 – Lip Balm

Identification such as Driver’s License – make a copy of your drivers license & front/back of insurance card, write your emergency contact info & number on it. Make sure your emergency contact is aware they are your emergency contact & that you will be competing in this ride this weekend.

Cash/Credit Card


What to pack for the weekend in your overnight bag:

Tent (optional) – Sleeping bag and pillow

Plastic Cover for bike seat for Saturday Night, plastic bags work good.  Your seat will get wet overnight even if it doesn’t rain.

Medications – aleve – ibuprofen (sp) – aspirin – ben gay – icy hot patches

Alarm Clock – Shower Towel – Toiletries [including toothbrush, tooth paste, soap and shampoo]

Comfortable Shoes – Saturday Evening Clothes – Sunday Cycling Clothes – Trip Home Clothes

The JERSEY’s are in!!!!!

We will be riding both Tuesday night & Wednesday night at Hill Country Village.  You can pick your jersey up there.  Or if you can’t make it, and really need it, call me at 210-383-4663 & we’ll find a way to get it to you!!!!

The Day Of The Ride:

We will be arriving at the AlamoDome at  6:30  AM.  Look for the green Ride Like A Girl truck with the banner.  Call 210-683-0831 or 210-383-4663 when you hit the parking lot.  Remember, Guy & Veronica are there to support riders, no matter what team they are riding for.  We will have our ugly highly fashionable Ride Marshall jerseys on both days.

Saturday morning, the ride rolls out at 8AM.  We’ll be leaving Saturday from the AlamoDome.  Use the bathroom before you start.  The bathroom at rest stop 1 will have VERY long lines.  We will be taking lots of photos before the start, find Veronica if you want some pictures taken.  Unless you have done this ride before, stop at each rest stop, but be brief.  Stay away from the sugar items.  (Some of us are packing nuts with us so we can eat without sugar.) Remember, we are doing 7 10-ish mile rides.  There are 6 rest stops no more than 8-12 miles apart.  The last rest stop is 2.6 miles from the finish. (according to the map they just sent me.)  We get to stop & have lunch.  Be careful not to spend too much time at lunch.  Pace yourselves & have fun!!  remember, there will be SAG vehicles (support & gear) all over the place.  If you have any problems, wave one of them down.  Let’s try to stay grouped at the beginning, so we can roll out smooth & straight.  This is a precarious part of the ride.  See guy or Veronica for instructions.

They will corral the bikes in a well organized, locked area overnight.  The seat will get wet, bag your seat.  Leave a few extra minutes Sunday morning to retreive your bike from the corral.

Sunday morning the ride rolls out at 7:30AM.  We leave from Schlitterbahn.  I just (09/29/09) received an email reflecting a roll out time change to 7:30AM at a location called Prince Solms Park.  You will be surprised how refreshed you feel Sunday morning (assuming you didn’t do too much beer carb-loading the night before.)  You will also be surprised how the numbers of riders thins out on day two.  Eat protein for breakfast.  Tortillas will make your legs heavy.  ; )  Same advice as Saturday.  Pickle juice is your best friend after mile 45. Sunday there are 4 rest stops.  Rest Stop 1 is 12.5 miles out, Rest Stop 2 is 14.6 miles out.  That will feel kinda far, be mentally prepared for that.  Lunch is after that, 8.2 miles out.  Again, rest at lunch, but don’t stay too long.  The remaining 2 rest stops are approx 10 miles out each.  Then it’s just 5.8 miles to the finish for Sunday. (I like when they do that!)  Remember to read the special instructions for new riders at the Sunday finish on the cue sheet posted here:

Please be safe, be courteous, be confident & be proud.  No matter how many times we do this ride, it is always a Big Ride!!  Let Veronica know if you need anything at all.  See ya at the ride!!!!!! 

Link to Rest Stop map

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Evangeline permalink
    September 29, 2009 1:14 pm

    Goodluck everyone! Be safe…Ride smart… and have fun!

  2. Letty Dietes permalink
    September 29, 2009 8:58 pm

    Good luck everyone. I feel like I haven’t seen any of you in ages! I will be thinking of everyone. Make me proud!

  3. Karyn permalink
    October 2, 2009 10:21 am

    Good luck to everyone! Ride safe, it looks like we may get pretty wet. I’ll be out there in my gray Time Warner Jersey with Orlando. See you on the road.

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