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Bike MS Turn – By – Turn Cue Sheet

September 29, 2009

We received this today from the MS office.  We added the rest stop miles.  Hopefully it is accurate.

Day One – Saturday – approx. 74 miles

Start Alamodome

Right on E. Durango Blvd

Right on S. Alamo St

Right on N. Alamo St

Left on McCullough Ave

Right on Broadway

Right on Brahan Blvd.

Right on N. Pine St.

Left on Cunningham (through Fort Sam Houston)

Right on N. Walters St

Left on E. Commerce St.

Right on Houston @ IH-10

Breakpoint #1 at SJ Davis Middle School 9.3 miles

Follow FM 1346 to La Vernia

Breakpoint #2 at Lubianski’s Feed Store 11.6 miles

Cross over US 87 into La Vernia

Left on FM 775

Breakpoint #3 at LaVernia United Methodist Church 8.7 miles

Cross over US 87 (again)

Right on Spur 321 (a.k.a. Chihuahua)

Left on FM 775 (again)

Right on FM 2772

Left on FM 539

Right on FM 467

Breakpoint #4 at 46 and Olmos Loop CR409 & 467 9.1 miles

Left on HWY 46

LUNCH: Texas Luteran University 10.2 miles

Exit TLU on Fleming cross over US 90 (Kingsbury)

Fleming turns into Rudeloff

Right on Huber

Left on Cordova Rd.

Right on Barbarosa Rd. 107A

Breakpoint #5 on Barbarosa at Friedens Church 8.5 miles

Left on FM 758

Right on Saur Lane

Cross over FM 1101, connect to HWY 306

Left on Hunter Rd (headed for Gruene)

Right on New Braunfels St. in Gruene

Bare right on Gruene Rd

Breakpoint #6 & #8 at Gruene River Co. 11 miles

Right turn at E. Torrey St

Left turn on N. Union Ave.

Right turn into Schlitterbahn – Finish Line 2.6 miles (according to BIKE MS Map)

 Day One – Saturday Century Aditional Miles – approx 26 miles

From Gruene Road RIGHT on Ervenberg Ave at Breakpoint #6

Left on Edwards Blvd

Right on River Rd

Right again on River Rd, road splits with Hueco Springs Loop Rd.

At V in Sattler veer to the right, this is Right Angle Rd.

Breakpoint #7 at Canyon Lake Water Ser. – Turn Around in Sattler 13.8 miles

Turn left on Sattler Rd. go 1 block

Turn left back onto River Road

Left at River Road (T-intersection w/ Hueco Springs Loop Rd)

Left on Edwards Blvd

Right on Ervenberg Ave

Breakpoint #6 & #8 at Gruene River Co. 11 miles

Right on Gruene Rd

Bare left remaining on Gruene Rd

Right turn on E. Torrey St

Left on N. Union Ave.

Right turn into Schlitterbahn Finish Line 2.6 miles (according to BIKE MS Map)


Day Two – Sunday – approx 60 miles

Left turn to N. Liberty from Prince Solms Park

Right on Common St

Right on Hwy 46 (a.k.a Loop 337)

Breakpoint #1 TxDot in Seguin 12.5 miles

Pass under IH-35

Right on Kingsbury which is Hwy. 90

Left on 725

Right on Elm Creek Rd.

Right on Leissner School Rd.

Left on 775

Breakpoint #2 on 775 at Bohannon’s Brietzke Station in New Berlin 14.6 miles

Right on Canfield in La Vernia

Left on San Antonio Rd. or straight into back gate of Hope Church

LUNCH at Hope Church former Lumber Yard 8.2 miles

Right on 87

Right on FM 1346

Breakpoint #3 at City Hall in St. Hedwig 9.3 miles

Continue on 1346; this will become Houston St.

Breakpoint #4 at Sam Houston High School 10.5 miles

Left on Coca Cola Blvd.

Right on E. Commerce

Left on S. Cherry St

Right on E. Durango

Right into Alamodome Finish Line 5.8 miles

For all the new riders, after passing the finish line, dismount your bike immediately, throw it down to the right, raise your arms in the air, spin in circles, yelling at the top of your lungs “I’m Alive, I’m Alive”!!!!!


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