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BIKE MS Alamo Ride Thru The River – Tales from the road…

October 9, 2009

We headed into the weekend apprehensive.  The forecast did not look good with 100% chance of rain both Saturday & Sunday.  But we all prepared, trying to be optimistic.  Several people joined the festivities downtown at the AlamoDome.  There was plenty to see from the final packet pick-up, food & festivities to the Bicycle Jersey Fashion Show.  Jason Bowker was stylin’ as he walked the runway sporting our official Ride Like A Girl/Ridin’ With Da Girls jersey.  It was a great start to the excitement, and it was dry.

Guy & I took one truck with luggage out to New Braunfels Friday night.  Sometimes you have blessings in disguise.  We got lost and couldn’t figure out where the finish for Saturday would be.  Frustrated, we decided to leave the truck in the hospital parking lot across the street from Schlitterbahn.  We had no idea what a wise decision that was.  We were tired, it was after 11pm, we drove back home.

IMG_2530 smallIt wasn’t actually raining when we began the drive to the AlamoDome 6am Saturday.  There was a light mist as we exited 281.  Jason, Doug & Linda were already in the parking lot.  The riders began to arrive.  We affixed our numbers to everything, I grabbed my camera and wandered through the lot as it filled as others took their luggage to the truck that would transport it all to New Braunfels.  It started to rain.  (sorry to everyone that stopped & posed, same story as last weekend: digital camera+rain= bad photos) We discussed the problem with many of the arriving, disappointed riders that were there. 

Some never even made it to the parking lot, deciding it wasn’t a good riding day for them.  Others that had arrived, startline 4determined the added danger from the rain was more than they were willing to risk.  Guy & I discussed with Jason his decision. 

startline 5 As the rain got harder, it was decided we would start the ride, and then sag to the lunch area.  We got to the very end of the very long line as the start began.  While in line, we persuaded Rita, Michelle, Lizette & David to join us for the start.  (they had chosen not to ride, due to how hard it was raining).  Patty & Emy cheered us on from the sidelines.

marty at the startThe music was loud, the rain was falling, riders were twittering out their thoughts as the line slowly progressed.  Marty took off just ahead of us (on left)  It was 8:30am when we crossed the start line slowly.  Rita was the very last rider.  She won the award for the shortest distance of any rider to start as she proceeded out the parking lot, turned right onto the sidewalk, turned back into the parking lot back to her car.  She estimated it was less than 2 miles of riding for her.rita at the start

Jason, Guy & I rode across to the underpass, then decided to turn back as the rain increased.  Michelle, Lizette & David messaged me later that they rode all the way to the Alamo before calling it quits & getting picked up.



feel free to add your experiences to the comments…  email me photos if you have them…

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  1. sonia permalink
    October 9, 2009 6:49 pm

    It sounds like you had to make last minute decisions. I can not wait to see you guys. I will be out of town this week-end, but shall return for the following rides.

  2. Rachel permalink
    October 12, 2009 10:02 pm

    I was crazy enough to ride the whole thing. It was raining when I started and pouring when I finished, but it didn’t actually rain the whole time. It was not the most pleasant of rides…

    • Rosalinda permalink
      October 13, 2009 7:24 am

      Way to go Rachel, Sonia and I were wondering about you. You should be very proud. Actually, all of you should be very proud. That is an awesome accomplishment. Great riding Guys:) 🙂 🙂

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