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Homeless Feeding Opportunity

November 9, 2009

lisa lisaWe  have an opportunity to help our friend Brian Wicks from Resurrection Ministries.  He’s been doing homeless ministries for almost 10 years.  Every Tuesday & Thursday  he goes out on an established route & feeds those down on their luck.  Throughout the year, we try & give Brian a break, a few night off from his tireless efforts.  We have that opportunity this week.

We’ll be feeding the homeless Tuesday 11/10 & Thursday 11/12.  I’ve got the cooking handled but we will need assistance with the feeding.  It gets a little hard when there’s just 2 of us handing out dinner to 20 or so people at each stop, there are 5 stops.  The feeding starts at 7:00 – 9:00pm.  Please let me know your availability as soon as you can.
The address to help if you are riding with us or following us from north central San Antonio is:
126 S Tower Drive, 78232.  The neighborhood is Hill Country Village.  Call 210-383-4663 if there is any confusion.

100_0125You can either meet at the above address & leave from there, or you can go directly to the meeting point/first stop and meet up with us there.
If you are meeting at the house & following us down there, be there no later than 6:30PM.

If you are meeting us at the start point, be there by 7PM.
 Our meeting/ start point is at 1541 Austin Hwy, 78218.  It’s the parking lot of Advanced Auto Parts / Anna Linens, right on Austin Hwy.  It’s between Harry Wurzbach & Eisenhauer, north side of Austin Hwy.  If you can’t find it, call me 383-4663 or Guy 683-0831.100_0116
Those of us going from the house on Tower, we will leave promptly at 6:30PM.  We’ll try to group up to limit the number of cars we take.  You may feel more comfortable leaving your car at my house as opposed to on Austin Hwy.  Let me know.
We’ll be meeting at Advanced Auto Parts on Austin Hwy at 7pm.  If you are in route and running late, please call me so we can wait for you. 210-383-4663.
The route we’ll be following heads towards downtown from Terrell Hills, ending on Alamo in downtown.  It will take us from 7-9pm to complete.  For those of you that have never had a chance to do something like this, we’ll be talking about it before we start the route.  If you have any questions, please call me or email me.  This is a very interesting and rewarding experience, I hope you come.

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