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Sunday Scenic Intermediate & Fast Beginner Afternoon Mission Trail Ride – LOCATION CHANGE

November 14, 2009

We have been informed that due to congestion caused by the Rock & Roll Marathon, it is not advisable to ride Mission Trails Sunday, November 14th.  So we will change the location from Mission Park to Hill Country Village.

Location:  126 S. Tower Drive, 78232

Meeting:  1PM

Wheels Down:  1:15-ish

This will be a ride-at-your-own-pace ride.  The loop is 3.5 miles.  Ride as far as you like.  Several people will be doing distances of 15, 21 and 32 miles.  Fast Beginner pace of 11-13amph, Scenic Intermediate pace of 12-14amph and some will go faster.

This ride is for Fast Beginners & Scenic Intermediate riders.  This ride is not currently suitable for Super-Beginners. 

How do you know you are a fast beginner?

You can ride an average speed of 12-13mph. 

                (Average miles per hour is calculated off an odometer.  At the end of a ride,
                most odometers will tell you what your AMPH is.  Say you ride 15 or 25 miles,
                the odometer will track what your overall speed was for the entire ride distance.
                That is your average miles per hour.)

 You are mostly capable of changing a tire.

                (As a fast beginner, you should have all your tire changing equipment.  We host
                several tire changing clinics throughout the year.  You should carry a tube, tire
                levers, Co2 inflater head, Co2 cartridge, possibly a patch kit, possibly a small
                pump that fits on your bike. Oh, and a dollar bill.) 

 You can complete at least 15 miles of riding with limited stopping.

                (you want your endurance level to be where you can ride for about 5 miles
                before needing a break, and your breaks should be short.)

We have a group of FAST Beginners & Scenic Intermediate level riders that want to add to their mileage in training for some of the bigger rides.  Distance from 15 to 45 miles.

It is a 3.5 mile loop, you get to choose how far you go.

Show up, enjoy yourself, let us know how you like this ride!!

Veronica  383-3660, option 4                        Guy  683-0831

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