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The Cold Weekend Ahead…

January 8, 2010

Photo courtesy of Fatty at

OK, so maybe this weekend in San Antonio it won’t be  that  cold, but we are cancelling all of our rides & walks EXCEPT for the Sunday Mission Ride.  As you can see in the photo above – there are people that ride when it’s really cold.  Fatty, the one in red, had to stop everyone because he was wearing too much & needed to de-layer.

Sunday Mission Ride 1PM:

The start location for the Sunday Fast Beginner / Scenic Intermediate Ride will be at Mission Trails.  This ride is NOT suitable for Super-Beginners.  We’ll meet in the parking lot of the Mission San Jose, which is the main Visitor Center. Address is: 6701 San Jose Drive, 78214. From Roosevelt, come in off of Napier and it leads you straight in.

This ride is not currently suitable for Super-Beginners.  It is suitable for Fast Beginners & Scenic Intermediate riders.  If you are a Super-Beginner & want to do this ride you have to contact Veronica @ 210-383-4663 so we can put a Super-Beginner group together for this ride.

                            Meet: 1PM                                     Wheels down: 1:15PM

We have a group of FAST Beginners & Scenic Intermediate level riders that want to add to their mileage in training for some of the bigger rides. They’ll be riding the Mission Trails.

Distance from 15 to 45 miles.  We’ll group everyone by their pace, so just show up & enjoy.  It is a 15 mile loop, you get to choose how far you go.

Show up, enjoy yourself, let us know how you like this ride!!

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