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September 4th & 5th: 2 Clinics & 3 Rides!!! Fun!!!

August 31, 2010

Saturday #1 Beginner Road Rides – Hill Country Village

Come join us the first Saturday of every month for the San Antonio Velo / Ride Like A Girl Beginner Ride & Clinic at Hill Country Village.

The start location will be in the front parking lot of the Eye Center located at 14807San Pedro 78232. It is on the corner of Winding Way and Hwy 281 (NW corner).

We will gather early, about 8:00AM Saturday morning. We’ll have wheels down (we start to actually ride) at 8:30AM.

We’ll be riding Hill Country Village. We have 2 groups / levels.

Group 1 is the slower beginners. This will be a beginner pace, about 8 – 10 mph and we’ll go either 8-10 miles.

Group 2 is the faster beginners. Still a beginner pace, just a little faster and a little longer. About 10-12mph and we’ll go about 13-15 miles.


Sunday #1 Intermediate Tour De Cure & Hill Climbing Clinic at Stone Oak

No Fear!! It’s not as scary as it sounds. We ride to the pace of whoever shows up. We drop no one. Excellent hill training. If you really want to learn how to climb hills strong, this ride is for you!

We’ll meet at the corner of Hardy Oak & Stone Oak Parkway.

Meet:  7:00am.

Wheels down: 7:30AM

21700 Hardy Oak at Stone Oak Parkway.  Aldaco’s Parking Lot.

We have several different groups/ paces/ distances.

Pace information:

Scenic Intermediate – Steady, scenic pace of 12-14 mph  –  21 miles

Veloce Intermediate – Moderate to fast pace of 14-15 mph  –  30 miles

Advanced Intermediate – Fast, advanced pace of 16+mph  –  40+ miles

We’ve put together an excellent route that includes long sweeping hills and a couple hi-grade climbs. Remember, we are riding to get better at climbing, you don’t need to already be a strong climber to join in. This ride will help make you a strong climber.  This is a No-Drop ride so you can train confidently!

We will have cue sheets available for all three levels.  This ride is suited for all Intermediate levels, from Scenic to Advanced. Come on out & join us!


Sunday Scenic Intermediate/ Fast Beginner ride in the beautiful Hill Country Village every Sunday morning.

Where:  In the front parking lot of the Eye Center located at 14807 San Pedro 78232. Winding Way and Hwy 281 (NW corner).

When: Sept 5th, 8:15 AM – 10:30 AM

Description: We have a group of FAST Beginners & Scenic Intermediate level riders that want to add to their mileage in training for some of the bigger rides. They’ll be riding the Hill Country Village route.. Distance from 15 to 30 miles. You choose how far you want to go.

Pace Information

Fast Beginner/ Scenic Intermediate: 11-14amph Miles 15-30 you choose how far.

This ride is not currently suitable for Super-Beginners. If you are a Super-Beginner & want to do this ride You have to contact Veronica @ 210-383-4663 so we can put a Super-Beginner group together for this ride.

Meet: 8:15am Wheels down: 8:30am

It is a 3.5 mile loop, you get to choose how far you go. It’s a No-Drop Ride, you won’t be left behind. Show up, enjoy yourself, let us know how you like this ride!!

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  1. Karyn permalink
    September 1, 2010 5:03 pm

    Unfortunately I won’t be riding with you guys this weekend! I’ll be at the coast on a much needed mini vacation… have fun, be careful and I’ll see you the following weekend.

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