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Pace Information

We have several different levels of cyclist with Ridin’ With The Girls

We have 2 levels of beginner Rider:

Super Beginner, this is a very new, inexperienced rider just learning how to ride, how to pedal & steer, with no clue about those gears. Fast Beginner – an inexperienced rider, maybe just getting back to riding, or new to riding but with some athletic ability, not good with shifting or maneuvering.

Super Beginner – Slow, easy pace of 8-10 mph – 8-11 miles

Fast Beginner – steady, easy pace of 11-13 mph – 13 to 16 miles

We have 3 levels of Intermediate Rider:

An intermediate rider, regardless of level, has experience riding in traffic, has mastered some basic hill-climbing skills and knows how to change a tire. While the Scenic Intermediate prefers a steady relaxed pace, the Veloce Intermediate like fast, challenging rides.

Our Advanced Intermediate rider is just that, advanced. Used to more challenging routes and any level of traffic. The Advanced Intermediate group is very skilled using a route/cue sheet and is very self-sufficient.

Scenic Intermediate – Steady, scenic pace of 12-14 mph – 20, 30 or 45 miles

Veloce Intermediate – Moderate to fast pace of 14-15 mph – 30, 45 or 50 miles

Advanced Intermediate – Fast, advanced pace of 16+mph – 40+ miles


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