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Ride Leaders & Sweepers


San Antonio’s Ride Like A Girl & Ridin’ With The Girls is always looking for friendly and enthusiastic cyclists to co-lead and sweep our rides.   It is a fantastic opportunity to share your cycling passion with others, make new friends, meet your training goals and support a great cause, all at the same time.

It’s easier than you think and very rewarding, giving you a chance to give back to cycling in San Antonio.  Consider picking 1 ride per month, your favorite ride.   There are so many advantages to being a ride leader. With a little preparation you will find that it is very simple procedure for providing us a ride that other members may enjoy. If more members volunteer, the ride calendar will have many more rides to choose from each month. Just imagine the possibilities if each of us committed to leading a ride once a month.

Co-Leaders: Many of our riders  are more than willing to co-lead a ride with a new ride leader. A co-leader can help you resolve any problems that may arise on your first experience as a ride leader. If you step up to lead, we can assign a co-leader for you.  On most rides there are at least a couple of  riders who can help if someone has minor mechanical problems.

A Ride Leader needs to be familiar with the route you’ll lead, and be able to follow cue sheets.  Pick a ride pace that you are comfortable riding.  A Ride Sweeper follows the group at the back, assisting the ride leader in keeping the group together, as well as encouraging the riders at the back of the group.

If you think you may be interested, please contact Veronica @ 210-383-3660 or Guy @ 210-683-0831.  If you would like to lead/sweep & are nervous or don’t know how, call us – we’ll be happy to provide training for you. 

We strongly supports our Ride Coordinators every step of the way.  In addition to our enthusiastic gratitude, we offer our Ride Coordinators a free renewal of their annual membership and the coveted ‘Ride Coordinator’ T-shirt!   If you lead 6+ rides in 2009 you will receive a free t shirt and free annual membership. ride-coordinator-tee-frride-coordinator-tee-bk1ride-coordinator-tee-fr-black3ride-coordinator-tee-men-fr4





Join the Fun!!  Contact us today and get involved!! 

We need:

Saturday Super Beginner Leader / Sweeper –  8-10 avg mph, 8-10 mile ride, stops every 3 miles

Saturday Fun Beginner Leader / Sweeper – 10-12 avg mph, 13-15 mile ride, stops every 5 miles

Sunday Scenic Intermediate Leader / Sweeper – Steady pace of 12-14 avg mph

Sunday Moderate Intermediate Leader / Sweeper – Moderate pace of 14-16 avg mph

Sunday Advanced Intermediate Leader / Sweeper – Strong pace of 17+ avg mph – currently we have not advanced ride leaders, if you’d like to lead this group, please let us know

Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday Evening Training Ride Leader / Sweeper – This is an at-your-own-pace ride in Hill Country Village starting at 6/7pm

Weekend Trail Rides – We would like to add regular trail rides to the calendar, please contact us if you’d consider leading or sweeping any of these rides

We are always looking to add to our existing routes.  We also are very open to modifying routes to make them more enjoyable for our riders.  Please contact us with any ideas you may have!!

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  1. Karyn permalink
    May 14, 2009 10:07 pm

    I actually got to lead my first ride 2 weeks ago…..not as bad as I thought although I didn’t do a perfect job….learning as I go.

  2. Veronica permalink*
    May 15, 2009 9:00 pm

    Karyn – Actually you did better than you think. The folks that rode with you were happy! And that’s what we want at the end of a ride- happy riders. I was told that you kept a good pace and took care of your group. (even with renegade newbies)

    As you’ve seen with Guy & I leading, it’s never perfect, to say the least. I want you to understand how much you helped us.

    We were very excited about our first ride with Trisition Area. We were not able to lead both groups. By you stepping up and leading the faster group, Guy & I were able to confidently lead the ‘Scenic Intermediates’ with confidence, knowing that the faster group was in good hands.

    Thanks so much!! You Rock!!


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